New Age is NOT New.

Most of the spiritual traps out there were introduced into western lifestyle during the new age movement.

The new age was a movement that swept the world back in the 70s. This movement incorporated beliefs, ideas and a world view which was seen by the world as a wave of spirituality. Yes, in a world of organized systemic religions, this was a movement that gave the illusion of freedom to experience “outside the box” spirituality.

The new age paradigm became rooted in western society during the 70s and grew to be one more mainstream spiritual path in the following decades.

The beliefs and ideas proposed by this ‘movement’ are not new. They are ancient concepts that have been tweaked and modified in the attempt to be embraced by those in contemporary society who were seeking alternative explanations or spiritual freedom beyond whatever explanations or paths previously available to them.

This movement did not spontaneously arrive. Agendas to infiltrate the human population with darkness are as old as the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Jan Brueghel de Oude en Peter Paul Rubens - Het aards paradijs met de zondeval van Adam en Eva

more about this as the posts roll on….

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