The Comfort Zone

It is very easy to live nestled safe and sound within your comfort zone. Comfort zones are not just your favorite armchair, your favorite blanket, or comfort food.

Comfort zones are also the safe and secure place you have in the herd. Knowing that you are not different, that you are definitely one of the masses, the “oi polloi”, is comforting.

Why is being one of the crowds comforting? Because it means that you are one and the same as the rest. Because it means that you don’t appear to be any different than anyone else. Therefore you feel safe and secure knowing that you won’t be ridiculed or bullied for being an outsider – for being different.

But are you growing spiritually in your comfort zone? Are you experiencing what it actually means to be a part of Creation, a child of God, a believer of Christ and His Word? Or is it something that you read about or observe? Is being a believer something that you take for granted as a given without any effort on your part granted to you by your heritage or membership in a religion? Is it something that exists in name only in your life, like a name tag, but hasn’t shaken you nor changed your life?