the demonic tactic of twisting God’s Word

Demonic forces have infiltrated this world since the arrival of the fallen angels. Continuing their war against God and His Creation, demonic forces seek to subtly deceive man in order to finally destroy him.

The two most common methods used to trap people into engaging and enforcing demonic agendas are to lure them into practicing forms of witchcraft and modification of God’s Creation.

They accomplish this by luring people using many devices. This is done almost always by deception. (There always are those that choose to walk knowingly on these paths)

When deception is being used, first seemingly harmless ‘opportunities’ are made available to people, and through these opportunities taken, people begin to succeed in many ways. This success, or satisfaction, blinds them of the spiritual dangers and demonic agenda that lurk in the background. And the end result is that demonic forces set the wheels in motion for destruction. And it appears to all concerned that man is exercising his free will in engaging in this mindset and creating his own demise.

By winning the trust of the people, the demonic agenda succeeds in keeping people trapped in this vicious cycle of reaping personal gain, satisfaction and reward by supporting and engaging in activities/practices/beliefs that are in reality destructive programs designed to destroy man and Creation.

These infiltrations can be seen as programs. And by that I mean programming in the way that we perceive programming in today’s world. It is very difficult to destroy a program from the outside. And those that create programs know not only how to destroy programs but they understand hacking as well. So one can only imagine what this really means to us in real terms. That is material for more posts later on…

Back to twisting notions, one method of discerning if something is being directed by God’s Light or by demonic forces is to notice how something is portrayed or presented.

Usually anything that comes from the demonic forces or serves their agenda is laden with symbols. Also there is always a show of force and destruction. There is always some sort of negative factor as a protagonist/or focus of attention. And there is always the element of fear being produced.

Words such as enlightening/enlightenment, salvation, and light filled are used “generically” to describe something that has nothing to do with the specific Light of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. There are many types of light. We bear the Light of God. That is a very specific and special light. Being ‘lit’ with this Light is a process, a path of learning and honing. It is difficult. Light can also be in the form of human understanding, but this is NOT divine. Light can also be darkness in disguise – hence the name Lucifer which means ‘bearer of light’. What more deceitful than the dark bearing light? Anything that claims to be ‘light filled’, ‘being of light’, etc.. needs to be discerned. If it is not from God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, it is not Divine Light and could very well be the false light that only the dark can bear.

Other than God’s Light, the devil steals other truths from the Bible, twists their meaning and presents them deceitfully in order to trick the vulnerable.

  • God’s seal
  • Free Will
  • God’s armor
  • The commandments set forward by Jesus
  • The ability given to those with powerful faith to heal, and to prophecise
  • The ability to actually live with Jesus while we are still in this world
  • The gift and status that God granted to mankind which angered Lucifer
  • The story of the Garden of Eden

These are but a small sampling our our Stronghold of great depth and power, holding many keys and many truths deeply tucked into the words and meanings made available to those ready to see. These are all truths however, which many people have never examined.

That is why the devil steals from the general context of these truths, twists a few words and meanings around, and sprinkles this contortion into his ‘programs’ in order to present his ideas and agendas in a fashion that triggers the mind of the unsuspecting to feel comfort, familiarity and reward. And these ‘programs’ are everywhere in society, wearing many guises and disguises.

Unknowing and unsuspecting people pick up and respond to certain ‘trigger words’ and ‘trigger concepts’ that relate to Christianity, and so they immediately trust and accept what is presented so promisingly before them. Even though whatever this demonic agenda has in mind, it is hardly ever presented as having anything to do with religion.

And so, unsuspecting people pick up on being given the opportunity for them to become powerful, strong, glorified and mighty – separated from the masses, as great benefactors, celebrities, charismatic speakers, effective witches, and the like…

But it is one thing to be ‘set apart’ for these dark virtues, and one thing to be ‘set apart’ as Christ asks us to be while bearing God’s Light.

These are concepts of Christianity that are misrepresented, violated and revised to serve a demonic agenda as well as to destroy their original meaning of these concepts of Christianity. Little do people that fall victim to these traps suspect that they are entering into a downward spiral if they relinquish authority to these forces and their dark agenda.

One of the devil’s trademarks, aside from chaos and deceit, is confusion. If something or someone is being presented in a way that is not clear cut, black and white and it appears to be causing confusion and chaos as well as containing a fear factor somewhere in the package, then discern, discern and discern once again.

If given the opportunity to express a personal opinion, I would say: Do not engage in anything that deals with the ‘unknown’. Do not trust anything which functions in any capacity to modify or destroy Creation. Do not trust anything that presents witchcraft as engaging, harmless and acceptable. Do not trust any ritual, practice, symbol or amulet that claims to protect or provide.

The world we know is full of the unknown. Christ offers many explanations in the Bible regarding many mysterious concepts and the Holy Spirit can guide you and give you insight and answers as you face uncharted waters.

We are not meant to see or understand many of the mysteries that surround us. That is a protective measure which God set into motion intentionally because there are dangers that we are not equipped to handle outside of our ‘given dimensions’. Even the information given to us in the Bible is ‘encrypted’. It opens itself up according to the eyes and ears we have. No matter what the translation or the version, we are able to see/hear truths according to our readiness.

And this is a good thing. Once one begins to read into many truths told to us, such as the role of the serpent and his seed, we can begin to see the magnitude of the conflict between the Light of God and the dark.

Hieronymus Bosch, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons