Why the blog?

Every thing in life is graced with a starting point – a beginning. This blog is a stepping stone in a new beginning for me. The beginning of a mission.

The Mustard Seeds is a brand new blog. It’s name comes from the passage in Matthew that refers to the mustard seed. If you have faith the size of a tiny mustard seed, said Jesus, then you could tell a mountain to move and it would do so.

I can’t make a mustard seed move. So I need to be honed spiritually even more, like any other human. These are the challenges a believer in Jesus confronts at one point in their lives. And that point usually makes a profound change.

It is about a purpose. I have walked many paths in this life, most of them were the wide and easy paths on which I have encountered saints and demons.

But the purpose of this blog is not to recount my life experiences. I am not here to persuade anyone to believe what I believe, to feel what I feel, to see what I see. Everyone has their own path and purpose. Everyone has free will. I am not judgmental in the least. There is nothing worse than a pompous fool who believes that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I read the Bible to learn about His Word and about life. And I pray. I am not a saint, nor do I claim to have the answers. I detest hypocrisy as much as I detest seeing people scream their beliefs in public in order to build an image of righteousness and authority. There are no degrees or experiences that can make one man a ‘specialist’ in belief in God. We are all God’s children and He is our God. The Word belongs to us all.

This pulpit celebrity mindset can easily steer people away from understanding that God created each of us to be unique individuals of free will that need to seek for ourselves. Seek and you will find. (Matthew 7, Luke 11)

No one is worthier nor more pious than the next. We are all God’s children, and God only knows that we are all walking along a myriad of paths – some safe, some dangerous, some well lit, some dark.

God’s intention to give us these choices and possibilities must be for a reason. Perhaps to enable us to learn and grow. And hopefully we will use what we learn while traveling these paths in life as tools used to make our choices in life – for better or for worse. Therein lies the gift of Free Will. He not only gives us free will and the right to wander, seek and discover, God also doesn’t use force, threats, fear or persuasion to bring His children to Him. He wants them to come on their own.

Those of us that have raised children know how difficult it is to give a child complete freedom before they have experienced anything in life. Setting one’s young children out with the intention of allowing them to explore, to learn, to see for themselves and to make their choices without any input from their parent is a tough thing to do. And knowing that they can encounter danger and make terrible errors in judgement makes it painfully difficult for the parent. What parent has such faith in their young inexperienced child that they will do the right thing and choose to walk along the best paths and grow in God’s Light? How many of us actually even consider what is Godly when preparing our children for the real world?

So imagine the faith God has in us, His children, by giving us the birthright to freely seek, find and make the deliberate choice to live in His Word. And yet, this is something that many of us never get the chance to experience. For many reasons this holds true, but for the most part, the true meaning of free will is kept from us. And free will isn’t the only thing that we don’t realize that we have. Human beings have quite a status in Creation. More on that in the posts….

We aren’t aware of many things regarding God’s Creation.

Are we aware of the mystical ways and purposes driving the mechanism of Creation? Most often we are not in the least aware. We are all human and not in the least perfect no matter how much plastic surgery we undergo, how many personal development books we read, how many kind acts of charity we do or how often we go to places of worship or pray or whatever.

And we are certainly not in any position to lay claim to have knowledge about God’s Creation beyond what we can see and experience for ourselves – and even that sometimes doesn’t provide ‘understanding’ beyond a superficial awareness of life around us. (Even though many humans enjoy “playing God”…look up “hubris”)

We are free to seek, to make mistakes and to hopefully learn from them. We are free to discover truths and to make them our own if we choose to do so. The basic tenet of Christ’s teachings tell us that we are free to choose our way, knowing that each and every choice we make carries its own price or reward. He says this to us because He wants to save us from the Enemy. So, yes there is an enemy. It is the darkness. And it strives to reach into the lives of people walking along their paths in this world.

Many of these paths available for us to take in this life are strewn with land mines. There is a war going on.

Martin Droeshout, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If we view this war in a classical and historical sense, it is one that is recorded as spilling down into our world from the heavens. One that is perpetuating through time and space. The war between Good and Evil.

Beyond the struggles in one’s conscience of doing what is “right ” or “wrong”, this is a war of Biblical proportion, pouring into universe. A person can become aware of the grand scale of this war through ancient lore and writings, through many sacred texts throughout world cultures, including the Bible. And of course, it goes without saying that one can and most often does also experience this war in their daily life.

This kind of war is not fought with guns and bombs. Nor is this a war of words. It is a war that is fought in the spiritual realm and it seeps into our physical 3d world. In our world, the battlefields are everywhere in our daily life.

What makes it worse is that many people have lived and died never suspecting that there was a battle going on throughout time whose purpose has been to lure humans away from the Word of God and into a life of darkness.

The forces of darkness have made it their purpose to claim people’s souls. Sounds outlandish and a bit exaggerated for many people. It sounds ridiculous to quite a few who do not view the world in this context, through this lens. But for many, this fact is real and very true.

And they are aware that these forces are out there, parading masters of deception. After all, the dark can only win a soul over to them by luring and deceiving people in their lifetimes to stray from God. And the dark never ‘appears dark’, but it attempts to appear deceivingly harmless and bearing light. (Hence, Lucifer – bearer of light.) It should come as no surprise that evil would descend upon the world through deception, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. After all, how many people would relinquish themselves to their eternal demise knowingly and willingly? Obviously, they would need to be deceived in one way or another and at pivotal and unsuspecting moment in their life in order to follow along paths to perdition.

But I stray. Back to the point of the blog. There are many people with ‘missions’. Some preach to people, some pray for people, some actively help people in need. There are quite a few people however that try to inform others about many matters concerning Christ and living in Christ.

I am concerned with helping people who haven’t realised that there is a war to be able to discern this for themselves. I want to be able to help those who need some guidance to see the concepts of truth and deception regarding this matter, to be able to recognize for themselves the existing conflict of good and evil perpetuating throughout the history of man and to be able to see the physical and spiritual dimensions of this issue and its roots. I want to be able to help someone who needs to see the potential spiritual dangers lurking in many aspects of our lives.

I have crossed paths for brief moments and have walked on various paths for short and long distances with people who have directly and indirectly helped me to discern things for myself. This in turn allowed for me to find my truths and to seek and find Christ and his teachings in a more real and meaningful way.

My hope is that I can pass this assistance along, to help make a difference to someone seeking such information, with a few meagre words, in order to help them discern many spiritual matters for themselves.

I don’t mean for this to sound like a sermon…not my intention! the blog will be brief…and hopefully helpful….God Bless….